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Source: Algarve Daily News

Avocado monoculture wreaks havoc on Castro Marim Reserve, destroying UNESCO-protected ecosystem

The Castro Marim Reserve, known to locals as the Reserva Natural do Sapal de Castro Marim e Vila Real de Santo, is a large protected area of marshland. The site is made up of an area of well over 2000 hectares lying beside the Spanish border, on the west side of the Rio Guadiana.

Maritime traffic pollution off the coast of Portugal is rising at alarming rates

Air pollution occurring on the Portuguese coast caused by passing maritime traffic represents around 20 per cent of pollution caused by nitrogen oxides (NOx), one of the most harmful pollutants to human health and the environment.

The Algarve is distinguished as 2020’s best golf destination in the world

The Algarve has been distinguished by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) as 2020’s best golf destination in the world, adding to the region’s vast collection of accolades and growing recognition worldwide.

Hydrographic research boat analyses seabed of the Algarve coast

The Navy is on a mission to learn more about the Algarve seabed. The Andromeda hydrofoil research boat has been sailing off the Algarve coast since October 7th, with the goal of carrying out research to contribute to the mapping of marine sediments and the further description of the sedimentary rock structure of the seabed.

Environmentalists fight back at Quinta da Rocha proposal, saying the “new project” is haunted by its “old vices”

Environmentalists, despite agreeing wholeheartedly with the concept of rural tourism behind a recent proposal, are continuing their battle to desperately save the green region of Quinta da Rocha on the Algarve coast, close to the Ria de Alvor, from being practically demolished.

Auchan’s photovoltaic panels on the roof of Forum Algarve set to save 100,000 euros per year

The Auchan hypermarket in Faro, formerly known as Jumbo, will set up a photovoltaic system on the roof, allowing them to shave approximately 100,000 euros per year off their electricity bill.

Missing elderly patient found dead in a field after disappearing from hospital in Portimão

An elderly man who disappeared from a ward of the Portimão University Hospital Centre on the 10th of October was found dead only a few kilometres away from the hospital.

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