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Properties for Sale in Castro Marim

Castro Marim

Castro Marim is one of the vastest municipalities of the Algarve. It goes from the sea as far as the interior mountains adjoining the River Guadiana, which borders the Algarve with Andaluzia. The mountainous territory of Castro Marim, consists of ondulating mountains covered with rock-roses, rosemary and french lavender, which can be seen from the very basis of the valleys of the streams of Beliche and Odeleite. The characteristic spring aroma of the wild poppies and of the French lavender or the ogre summery perfume of the varnish offer a unique scenery of the Algarvian mountains which can be appreciated from the top of the "montes" (settlements in these mountainous areas) which populate the council.

As in many other coastal settlements of the Algarve, there are documents of the establishment of the Phoenicians in this place. The excellent maritime access and the high localization gave this area a strategic importance recognized by the Romans and by the Arabs, having, therefore, fortified it.

Castro Marim was conquered for the Portuguese Crown in the 13th century A.D., and, thanks to its strategic localization, King D. Manuel I, recognized it as the most important military garrison as a defence against the Arabic pirates who, during centuries, massacred the Algarvian coast. In the 17 century King D. João IV had the Castle recuperated and enlarged. The Earthquake of 1755 destroyed the village completely. The rebuilding was performed outside the fortified walls.

The Sapal (the marsh) of Castro Marim, which is a Natural Reservation, is together with the Castle, the ex-líbris of the council.

This council offers excellent conditions for the tourist development and for investing in projects of a high quality standard. There are good road infra-structures, with modem roads and highways. The airports of Faro and Seville (and, in the near future, the airport of Huelva) are near. It has vast beaches and there is the contiguity with the River Guadiana. These existing projects are mainly of golf and hotels and they will transform Castro Marim into one of the most recognized golf destinations of the Algarve, and it will therefore be an excellent option for the investment of tourist real estate, and for the investment in the areas of residence or of revenue.

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