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Like with many other places in the Algarve, Phoenician and Carthaginian navigators, were the ones who founded the first establishments on the maritime borders of the this council (Carteia), from where they implemented fishing, mineral prospection and commerce. From the middle of the 2nd century BC. The Romans became the rulers of this region. They developed economy and they introduced advanced forms of organisation and of government. In the 5th century, the Visigoths dominated the whole Iberian Peninsula and they disjointed the Roman power but they assimilated their superior models of organisation.

The first historical references to Al-Ulya (Loule) appear described in the Arabic chronicles of Ibn-Saide, where he referred that it was a prosperous city, it was fortified and that it belonged to the Arabic kingdom of Niebla.

The 12th century and beginnings of the 13th century were times of great political and military instability in the Arabic kingdoms of the Garb Andaluz, which provided the conditions for the conquest of these territories for the Portuguese Crown. In 1249, King D. Afonso III conquered the Castle of LouIe to the Moors having then made its full integration for the Portuguese Crown.

Being an ancient cultural center of the Arabic civilization, Loule is today, due to its geographic location and proximity to Faro Airport, an excellent international tourist center, situated in the heart of the Algarve. Loule is the vastest municipality of the Algarve, and one of the largest of the country. As it extends itself from the coast (Quarteira) as far as the Alentejo (Ameixial), it offers the visitors a very varied landscape, characteristically meridional of mountains and of sea with picturesque villages scattered throughout the mountains. Tourist enterprises and golf courses, an international marina and much cultural, sportive and leisure animation are also attractions of this council.

Vilamoura, Vale do Lobo, Quinta do Lago, are tourist resorts of renown international prestige. Some of the best European golf courses can be found in these places. Also to be referred, the very calm environment which is offered by the International Marina of Vilamoura and by the luxury hotels located in this area. The vast sandy beaches with their high quality support services are another attraction for those who profit from these pleasures.

The council of Loule is, no doubt, the main area of reference for the tourist real estate investment in the Algarve. The most exclusive offer is concentrated on the coast, in the areas of the parishes of Almancil and Quarteira.

The whole interior of this municipality shouldn't be forgotten, because it offers excellent opportunities of investment, with the advantage that the prices are, as a rule, more attractive, and where the proximity of nature and the environmental involvement provide fewer urban ways of living.

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